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Semi Hiatus until mid-June due to upcoming exams & I want to spend some time to focus on my hobbies.

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Feel free to message me and I will try and reply to almost all messages that I received when I have the time ><"! Do expect some delay orz//

Ps. I'm a lazy poop.


chizu/ryu + picspam


M A K O T O   T A C H I B A N A

Hirunaka no Ryuusei - Main Character Coloring: [1/?] 


Name: Katrina
Age:  15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual 


Food: Spicy food especially Thai food, anything really?
Drink: Green/Jasmine/Milk Tea
Book: I can’t really choose one orz//
Author: ^^^^
Song: currentlyReason for”-Kamigami no Asobi Ending xD!
Movie: I have too many ><”!
TV Show: I have no idea//
Band/group: no idea either ahh
Solo Artist: ^^^^
Place: My room, bookstores
Sport: Badminton is the only sport I’m kinda good at^^;;
Male Actor: no idea either// 
Female Actor: idk either…why am I even doing this?


Best Friends: The people I mostly get along with in school are Jade, Cleo, Gisylia, Shauna and Levita^^ 
Siblings: none ><”!

Dream Job: Graphic Designer maybe?
Languages: English, Chinese and Cantonese (I can only listen well)


Reason Behind URL: Precious princess Komori Yui ;w;!!
# of Posts: 16,211 (….wow)
Why You Joined: My friend suggested it// She rarely uses Tumblr now ><”!
First URL: amnesia-world (*laughs* but no seriously..I’m being serious here)
# of Blogs: 3 blogs: One is a test blog and the other two are just a re-direct page~


if only she'd look at the person in front of her

inspired by: amertis

Ao Haru Ride Anime PV

H A I K Y U U ! !  

Tobio Kageyama  The King of the Court 


Noragami Official Keychain Chibis