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Welcome!~ ♡ Katrina/Rin {15}
50% anime; 30% otome+games; 20% manga etc.
Mukami Ruki is the love of my life.
Toma to my Shin
Ayato to my Yui
Zen to my Shirayuki
Tokaku to my Haru
Rin to my Haru ----------------------------------------------------------

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pink chiffon blouses | 1 2 3 x 4 5 6 from beautiful halo
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actual angry loser Kyouya Sata
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 Makoto & Haruka

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[If Free! was an otome game] Haruka’s Route Part 7
Click here to go back or change route [Main Menu]
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↳ Get to know me  [2Foukun’s Favorite Characters: 

What I want isn't money or pretty dresses, but a place that recognizes me as who I am. Fairy Tail is my other family, and it is a far more warming family than here!
Fairy tail ] ↝ Lucy Heartfilla 
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"Will you always be a detective? Can you promise me that?"
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shinshi of mikage shrine
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KnB Boyfriends: Midorima Shintarou Edition

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shizume week: day 2;wound

→ “The flow of time cleanses the past and heals the wounds in people’s hearts. But there are wounds we can’t speak of.”Ai Yazawa (insp.)

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H A P P I N E S S  B R I N G S  O U T  A  S M I L E
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